Thursday, January 13, 2011

Los Angeles Port Up 16% in 2010, Sets Export Record

The Port of Los Angeles roared back in 2010 with a 16 percent increase in total cargo traffic over 2009, cementing its place yet again as the Western Hemisphere's busiest container port.

The port handled a total of 7,831,902 TEU in 2010. Port officials reported handling 3,973,933 loaded inbound TEUs in 2010, a 12.8 percent increase over the 2009 calendar year. The port also handled 1,841,274 loaded outbound TEUs, a 10.3 percent increase over 2009. Export volumes in 2010 shattered the previous calendar year export record, set in 2008, by just over 172,000 TEUs.

City and port officials were ebullient in their praise for the port's 2010 numbers.
"With this 16 percent increase in 2010 container volumes, the Port of Los Angeles is putting people back to work and doing its part to help President Obama meet his goal to double national exports over the next five years,” said Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. “This is good news not only for Los Angeles, but cities across the nation."

Port Executive Director Geraldine Knatz said the year-end numbers far surpass the port's start-of-the-year estimates.

"The 2010 volume gains far surpass our initial estimates, and we’ve been able to facilitate some export opportunities in the past year through our TradeConnect initiative and increased networking with local business stakeholders," said Knatz. "We want to continue that momentum and work with local business entities to advance the President’s National Export Initiative agenda."