Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oakland Port's Truck Registry Passes 5,000 Sign-Ups

The Northern California Port of Oakland's ongoing truck registry program has now registered more than 5,000 port-servicing trucks since registration began in April, according to an announcement issued by port officials last week.

Known as the Secure Truck Management Program, the program includes a web-based truck registry and a truck asset management that monitors truck movements at the port. The STEP system is designed to: help law enforcement identify vehicles authorized to pick up and drop off cargo at the port; help port officials assure that only trucks compliant with environmental regulations are servicing the port; and, provide a means for the port and trucking firms to exchange information.

Trucks have until Jan. 1, 2011 to sign up for the registry. Registered vehicles receive a certificate and a compliance decal. A radio frequency identification device is also provided for registered trucks. When affixed to a truck, the RFID will communicate with the STEP system through readers at marine terminals gates.

“The Port’s truck registry is a user-friendly database so that it’s easy for us to find the contact information we need and work collaboratively with local law enforcement if we have a report of suspicious behavior,” said Port of Oakland Facilities Security Officer Mike O’Brien. “We now have a fully-functional and centralized trucker database at the Port of Oakland. This new capability adds another significant layer to both maritime and supply chain security here at our Port.”

The port contracted with SAIC, Inc. to implement the port registry, which is being funded through California voter approve Proposition 1B funds.