Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Matson to Hike Container Rates and Fees to Hawaii

Jones Act-carrier Matson Navigation said last week it will raise its basic shipping rates and terminal handling charges on containers to and from Hawaii by an average total of 10 percent per container starting Jan. 2. The Oakland-based carrier, the largest serving the island state, cited the need to offset higher operating costs and the need to support investments.

The base rate for containers will rise an average of 3.8 percent per container, or $120 per westbound box and $60 per eastbound box.

Terminal handling charges will climb an average 20.6 percent per box, an increase of $175 per westbound box and $85 per eastbound box.

Both the base rate and terminal handling charges are separate from Matson's 21.75 percent per box fuel surcharge.

The combined base rate and terminal handling increases total nearly a 10 percent price increase for an average Hawaii-bound container--a price currently running about $3,000 per box.

While Matson's Hawaii-based parent-firm Alexander & Baldwin saw a surge in third-quarter profits, the increase was due mainly to Matson's burgeoning West Coast-China service. Matson's Hawaii services, automobile and container, both posted down volumes in the third quarter.