Tuesday, June 1, 2010

SoCal Drayage Industry Group Reorganizes

The Harbor Truckers for a Sustainable Future, a group formed several years ago to rally trucking firms against the Southern California ports trucking reregulation plans, has changed its name to the Harbor Trucking Association and launched a campaign to position itself as the political voice of the drayage industry servicing the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles.

The re-organized group, which adopted formal bylaws last week, has contracted with attorney Alex Cherin of the Cherin Group (also the former Port of Long Beach managing director of trade and transportation) and Shaun Lumachi of the consulting group Chamber Advocacy to build the group's political cache.

HTA President Fred Johring said that group will provide much needed local representation, at all levels of government, for the Southern California drayage industry.

The HTA mission statement declares that the group's purpose "is to advocate, educate and promote strategies with other goods movement stakeholders and policy makers that will sustain emission reductions, provide a dialog for intermodal truck efficiency, and to return cargo and jobs to Southern California ports."