Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dellums Breaks City Council Deadlock, Approves Lighty to Oakland Port Board

City of Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums– using his City Council tie-breaking power for the first time in his three-year tenure in office– broke a deadlocked City Council vote on Tuesday, sending Michael Lighty to the Port of Oakland governing board.

In the past, Dellums had refused to break such deadlocked Council votes saying that the city's executive and legislative branches should be separate.

Lighty was appointed by Dellums to the port board on Jan. 5, but the appointment required the approval of the City Council. On Tuesday, the council deadlocked 4-4 on the vote to approve Lighty's appointment, opening the door for Dellums' tie-breaking vote.

Lighty, a former city planning commissioner, said after the vote that he was honored to receive such a public show of support from the mayor.

tags: Port of Oakland, Michael Lighty