Monday, January 18, 2010

CBP Seizes $7.1 Million In Fake DVDs at SoCal Port Complex

Federal law enforcement officials on Friday announced the January 7th seizure of more than 250,000 pirated movie and music DVDs at the Long Beach/Los Angeles port complex. The DVDs, discovered in a cargo container from South Korea destined for a Los Angeles County importer, had a retail value of more than $7.1 million.

Officials from United States Customs and Border Protection, during an inspection of the container at the port complex, discovered the discs bearing counterfeit “DVD,” “Dolby,” and “DTS” trademark designs on the packaging. The shipment was seized for illegal importation of merchandise bearing counterfeit trademarks.

Last year, US Customs and US Immigration and Customs Enforcement seized more than $260 million worth of counterfeit items nationwide, with media-related items among the top items discovered.

The CBP said that the DVDs would be destroyed.