Friday, April 9, 2021

NMC to Use Email as Main Form of Communication to Training Providers

Starting May 10, email will be the National Maritime Center’s primary way of relaying information pertaining to courses and programs to training providers, the NMC announced Thursday.

Training providers must make sure that their email and other contact information is updated with the NMC. They can send that information to The NMC has said that it will keep mailing correspondence if an email address is not on file, but that it won’t be able to offer the same service for Designated Examiner and Qualified Assessor communications because of Privacy Act concerns.

E-mailed correspondence will come from Make sure spam/junk mail filters are set. Documents traditionally sent as hard copies - including course approval certificates - will now arrive as Adobe PDF files.

“We recommend that every training provider take advantage of the electronic course completion and curriculum upload application in Homeport,” U.S. Coast Guard Commanding Officer Capt. Kirsten R. Martin said in the announcement. “Using the tool to upload course completions streamlines mariner application processing and reduces the opportunity for fraud. The tool also allows training providers to upload large curriculum files, preventing the need to send multiple e-mails.”

Information on getting a Homeport account is available at:

For more information, email