Friday, February 12, 2021

New All American Marine President Announced

Veteran maritime leader Ron Wille has been appointed as the next president of All American Marine, it was announced this week.

AAM owner Matt Mullett will continue as CEO and special advisor to the management team.

“During my initial interview with Matt Mullett (AAM’s owner), he indicated he is always considering the future and how the business can be taken to the next level,” Wille said in a statement. “In this situation the future will mean a decreased day-to-day role for him at AAM as he pursues additional time with his family and his many other interests. Matt has had a tremendously successful business career and has built not only a thriving business but an exceptional team here at AAM.”

Wille, who is a licensed merchant mariner and has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Oakland University, is lauded for his maritime and business experience, including his familiarity with tugboats suited to handle commercial ship assists and commercial towing in Southcentral Alaska, the company said.

Before joining AAM in 2018 as Business Development Manager, Wille had been familiar with the company when he was working for Kenai Fjords Tours in Seward, Alaska. During the decade-long relationship Wille built with AAM, Kenai bought and operated three AAM hydrofoil-assisted catamarans.

At AAM, Wille secured various high-profile contracts, including one to construct Captain Murchison for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. He has played a major role in broadening All American Marine’s presence in national and global maritime markets, including work on “the first hydrogen-powered passenger vessel in the US and expansion of its customer base into US Territories,” according to the company.

In his new leadership role, Wille will explore new business, increase his role in vessel contracting and manage staff.

“There are so many things to look forward (to) at All American,” he said. “First, the boats that AAM has and continues to construct are exceptional. We work on every detail of the mission of each vessel prior to production, to ensure the most operator-friendly, fuel-efficient, and best performing vessel in its class. Being part of a phenomenal team that is a market leader, has been and will continue to be, both challenging and rewarding. This leadership position will allow me to participate in the maritime industry as the representative of an extraordinary group of individuals here at AAM. Lastly, I am looking forward to continuing the steady growth of the company.”