Friday, December 4, 2020

PNW Mariners: Winterize Your Vessels!

As the season gets colder in the Pacific Northwest, U.S. Coast Guard officials are encouraging mariners to winterize their boats, a move that bolsters boaters’ safety and the maritime community and surrounding environment and lengthens their boats’ longevity.

Poor winterization often results in sunken vessels and oil discharges, the USCG said.

The agency suggests removing extraneous gear and inspecting gear to make sure everything is up to date and working; draining bilge water or fresh water tanks, fittings and lines; getting rid of waste and materials such as oils, chemicals and batteries; disconnecting batteries, closing and securing doors, windows and covers; and double-checking moorings before departing.

“If the boat is taken out of the water, shrink wrapping the vessel is also an option,” according to the agency. “Sealing the vessel is extremely important in preventing capsizing due to heavy rainfall or icing.”