Friday, December 11, 2020

Lynden Moves Alaska Bison

Lynden Transport recently helped to deliver three bison bulls from Yellowstone National Park to the Alutiiq Tribe of Old Harbor, Alaska, the company said.

The bulls - which were given to bolster the genetic diversity of the tribe’s herd - journeyed from Montana to Seattle by plane to Anchorage then on a 20-foot container to Homer Spit before riding via boat to Sitkalidak on Kodiak Island.

"Our herd is managed to provide food security for our community of 230 residents and tribal members throughout the state," Cynthia Berns, Vice President of Community Affairs for the Old Harbor Native Corp., told Lynden. “In 2017, DNA testing was conducted on the herd, and it was suggested that we integrate new genes into the herd for long-term health and survival."

She contacted Lynden Transport’s Vice President of Alaska Sales Paul Friese for help.

“This was a very special project," said Friese. "We were happy to be involved and assist the Alutiiq Tribe."