Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Port of Everett to Relocate Cranes

Later this month, the Port of Everett plans to move a pair of 100-foot gauge cargo cranes from the upland yard storage to its new home at the newly upgraded South Terminal Wharf.

Crane relocation is expected to happen between Nov. 18 and Nov. 25.

The two 214-foot-tall electric cranes - which the port purchased from Everport Terminal for $1 each and spent about nearly $6 million to transport - were in upland storage to undergo system upgrades before the move to the wharf.

After they are relocated, workers will install the cranes, as well as conduct electrical work and operational testing so the equipment will be ready for service. The cranes should be operational at the terminal by the end of the year, the port said.

“These cranes are a game changer for the Port and our region,” port Chief Operating Officer Carl Wollebek, told PMM back in May. “Putting them into use at our upgraded terminal keeps us nimble and competitive as the industry continues to send larger ships and heavier cargo to our docks.”