Thursday, October 15, 2020

Port of San Diego Plan to Include Cargo-Hauling Traffic Lane

A new version of the Port of San Diego’s Master Plan could include Harbor Drive 2.0, which would redesign the industrial area near Harbor Drive to separate cargo-hauling traffic from regular traffic and move the pollution-spewing trucks away from Barrio Logan and adjacent communities and curb idling.

Harbor Drive 2.0 is being planned for part of Harbor Drive between the north entrance to the Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal and the National City Marine Terminal, and span to roads linking Harbor Drive to the highway system.

The concept, which also involves increasing opportunities for more walking, biking and transit use, was approved Oct. 9 by the Board of Port Commissioners in a Memorandum of Understanding with Caltrans and SANDAG.

“The Port Master Plan Update process is all about collaborative planning,” said Port Chair Ann Moore. “Our plans for transportation infrastructure should complement and integrate with broader, regional transportation plans – and Harbor Drive 2.0 is a great example of this approach. I’m very pleased that we are now actively pursuing a concept that came out of our Port Master Plan Update visioning process – the creation of a haul road. This is a smart way to address community concerns about truck traffic while making maritime cargo hauling more efficient.”

The project for Harbor Drive 2.0 could cost roughly between $21 million to $32 million, the port said.