Friday, December 6, 2019

Coast Guard Cities

By Karen Robes Meeks

The cities of Cordova, Alaska, and Westport, Washington have been designated by US Coast Guard as Coast Guard Cities through 2024.

The designation reflects a community’s close relationship with the agency. The two municipalities, which plan to celebrate the designation early next year, are among 28 others with the special title. Cities may retain the designation for five years before having to recertify for the status.

Cordova – population 2,205 people – is situated in Prince William Sound in Coast Guard District 17 and is the region’s biggest commercial fishing port. The agency has been in the Alaskan city since 1937 with the Coast Guard Cutters Sorrel, Sweetbrier, Sycamore and Fir. Aviation support facility Air Station Kodiak has been based in Cordova since 1980.

Located in Coast Guard District 13, Westport, Wash., has had a relationship with the agency since 1897 when the US Lifesaving Service and the US Lighthouse Establishment were present to support the area’s lumber shipping and fishing industries.