Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Oakland Increases Cold Ironing

By Karen Robes Meeks

Shore power use is ramping up at the Port of Oakland. About 75 percent of all vessels that arrived at the Northern California seaport in 2018 switched to landside electricity, up from 68 percent the previous year.

“Shore power is the most effective way we know to reduce vessel emissions,” said Port of Oakland Environmental Planner Catherine Mukai. “We’re pleased because the trends are positive.”

Among those leading the way are ocean carriers MSC and Hyundai Merchant Marine, which allowed for 100 percent deployment of shore power-ready ships and plugged in 165 vessels last year. Oakland International Container Terminal linked over 750 ships to shore power during the year.

“Shore power is the best way to meet the Port’s clean air goals and reduce the impact of global containerized trade on our neighbors,” said Environmental Planner Catherine Mukai, who presented awards to the three businesses at the port’s annual State of the Port address last month.