Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Grays Harbor Project Phase II Completed

By Karen Robes Meeks

At the Port of Grays Harbor’s sixth annual Business Report event presented earlier this month, port leaders touted its business successes and the completion of Phase II of the Grays Harbor Navigation Improvement Project.

Commission President Stan Pinnick announced record-breaking cargo results handled at the port’s four deep-water terminals, record number of camping nights at Friends Landing and Westport Marina’s commercial seafood landings ranking 11th in the nation.

Past strategic investments in infrastructure have resulted in today’s success for port partners, acknowledge Executive Director Gary Nelson.

“Our customers and tenants are able to utilize the buildings, docks, waterways, roadways, rail and utilities that we have invested in to support and grow their businesses, employ our neighbors and generate solid economic impacts for our community,” he said.

Nelson noted that investment in infrastructure will continue this year with road paving projects in the Port Industrial area and Satsop Business Park, dredging and upland improvements at Westport Marina, and a critical drainage project at Bowerman Airport.

The port also celebrated the long-awaited completion of a Grays Harbor Navigation Channel deepening project, allowing more vessels to call at the Grays Harbor.