Tuesday, January 8, 2019

New Ops Manager for Cook Inlet Tug & Barge

By Karen Robes Meeks

Foss Project Manager Amber Thomas has been tapped by Foss Maritime Co. independent subsidiary Cook Inlet Tug & Barge as interim Business Operations Manager for Anchorage, Alaska starting Jan. 2, the company announced Friday.

Thomas will oversee administrative and commercial operations, taking the reins on all shoreside matters in Anchorage and Seward.

The Alaskan native will serve in the temporary post while the company conducts its search for a new president. Former CITB president Ben Steven resigned from the top spot in December to work for the Alaska governor’s office.

Thomas brings a lot of relevant experience to the interim position. Before joining Foss in 2015, she was Operations Coordinator for ASRC Energy Services, where she worked with subsidiary US companies such as Petrochem and AES Continental, to troubleshoot and streamline operations. At Foss, she assisted in the Shell offshore drilling venture in the Chukchi Sea and helped manage the Puerto Rico Utility Equipment Projects and the Puerto Rico FEMA accommodations project.