Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Long Beach Secures Funding

By Karen Robes Meeks

The Port of Long Beach received a major grant that will help fund the $25 million “Pier G and J Double Track Access Project.”

The port was recently awarded $14 million from the Trade Corridor Enhancement Program, which uses Senate Bill 1 and National Highway Freight Plan funds to pay for rail corridor improvements throughout the state. The remaining funds to complete the project will come from the port.

The project seeks to make operations more efficient and less traffic congested by adding a 9,000-foot departure track for trains that cater to four of Long Beach’s terminals.

“Moving goods by rail is four times more efficient than by truck, so this project would enhance our operational excellence and environmental sustainability,” said Port Executive Director Mario Cordero.

The project has the potential to move as many as 157,000 TEUs by on-dock rail annually while curbing as many as 615 truck trips a day, according to the port.

“The Harbor Commission welcomes the grant, which helps to modernize the Port and strengthen its ability to contribute to the regional and state economy,” said Tracy Egoscue, president of the Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners.

Construction is set to begin in late 2019 and be completed by mid-2021.