Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Coos Bay Prioritizes Infrastructure

By Karen Robes Meeks

The Oregon International Port of Coos Bay is making steady progress in pushing sustainable development while improving the state’s economy, according to the port’s recently published 2017/18 Annual Report.

The report looks at the port’s accomplishments and operational efforts for the last fiscal year. It touts the Coos Bay Rail Line as an advantage for regional shippers for sending goods domestically and overseas in a sustainable way, and the port’s location and full multi-modal transportation system as fertile for maritime development in the future.

The report also says that the port – through its various completed and in-progress projects – has been prioritizing the development of infrastructure and rehabilitation of its multi-modal transportation network.

“Infrastructure plays an enormous role in port operations,” said Port Commission President Dave Kronsteiner. “We are the stewards of a multi-modal transportation network including the Charleston Marina, the Coos Bay Rail Line and the Coos Bay harbor navigation channel.”

Visit https://www.oipcbannualreport18.com for a copy of the full report.