Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Best Month Ever for Long Beach

By Karen Robes Meeks

The Port of Long Beach posted its best month in history last June, according to numbers released Friday.

The nation’s second busiest seaport handled 752,188 TEUs, which is 14.2 percent more than June 2017 and 4.4 percent above July 2017, the port’s record-setting month. Long Beach also moved 384,095 TEUs in imports, a 14.5 percent jump from the same period last year, and 135,168 TEUs in exports, a 14.3 percent increase. Empty containers also rose 13.6 percent to 232,926 TEUs.

“We’re pleased to see cargo moving efficiently, even as record volumes continue,” said Harbor Commission President Lou Anne Bynum. “With the Port getting ready to enter the peak season and retailers replenishing their stocks for the holidays, it’s great to see these volumes and the smooth flow of goods.” So far this year, the Long Beach port has processed close to four million TEUs, which is close to 14.5 percent higher than the 2017’s pace.

The port also handled nearly 2.1 million TEUs in the second quarter, making it its busiest second quarter since 2006.

“We are on track to beat our historic pace from 2017,” said port Executive Director Mario Cordero. “The domestic and global economies are good, which is why we’re seeing all of this activity. Certainly, the escalating trade tensions have everyone in the industry concerned, but we’re going to continue to provide excellent customer service and fulfill our mission of facilitating commerce.”