Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Olympia Gets Acting Executive

By Karen Robes Meeks

Airport Director Rudy Rudolph was appointed to serve as acting executive director of the Port of Olympia after the Port Commission voted to put Executive Director Ed Galligan on administrative leave in late April.

“The Commission is undertaking a thorough review of the Port’s leadership going forward and believes that its action today will permit it to fully evaluate its options,” according to the port, adding that Rudolph will act in the role “until further notice.”

According to The Olympian, Commissioner Joe Downing said in an email to constituents that the decision was based on a need for change, not an error or mistake.

“It is with heavy heart, but strong resolve, that we, the port commission, placed Ed Galligan on administrative leave last night.” He added “We thank him for his leadership over these years. But, [it is] time for a change. There are new challenges and that requires new leadership. The three commissioners are on the same page.”

Galligan had led the port since 2005.