Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Container Service for Portland

By Karen Robes Meeks

Starting this January, The China Navigation Company (CNCo) – Swire Shipping – will commence a container shipping service at the Port of Portland, a move that revives container service at the terminal.

The new business was announced Monday by Governor Kate Brown, the Port of Portland, and Business Oregon on the heels of a recent trade mission to Hong Kong where Brown and port officials convened with Swire corporate executives.

“I am absolutely delighted to announce new container service will begin at the Port of Portland’s Terminal 6," Brown said. "Not only does the container service support jobs for Oregonians, it's going to give more options to Oregon companies as we work to maximize Terminal 6. We’ve been working hard to expand export options to our Oregon business, which is why I recently lead a trade mission to Asia. Strong trading partnerships and access to global markets allow Oregon businesses to grow, helping to sustain a thriving statewide economy."

The new service is expected to be monthly and feature incoming Asia cargo, as well as containers sent to Australia/New Zealand and Western Star trucks exports to Australia. Daimler Trucks North America are producing the vehicles at its Swan Island facility in Portland.

“The Port is focused on giving our local shippers a variety of options to move their goods efficiently,” said Curtis Robinhold, Port of Portland executive director. “Most importantly, this signals that T-6 is open for business. We very much appreciate the growing partnership we have with Swire.”

The new Swire service is benefiting from a $250,000 Strategic Reserve Fund investment, aimed at helping Oregon businesses bring their wares to a global market and aid Northwest shippers.