Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Port of Kalama Develops Recreational Areas

By Karen Robes Meeks

The Port of Kalama has begun a series of construction and renovation projects aimed at improving the experience at riverfront recreational areas.

The project list includes:

• Replenishment of new sand on the beaches near Ahles Point

• Installation of new asphalt on Hendrickson Drive under the Oak Street overpass at exit 30, as well as the north end of the marina to the south end of Ahles Point

• Removal of rock berms between Marine Park and the railroad

• Addition of stormwater rain gardens and 117 new parking spaces as part of the Hendrickson Drive project

• Extension of the sanitary sewer line from Ahles Point to the restrooms at Louis Rasmussen Park

“It’s that time of year we need to act on outdoor renovation and improvement projects for the facilities we enjoy here,” said port marketing manager Liz Newman. “All of these projects are part of the port’s effort to maintain and improve port recreational facilities for visitors.”