Friday, October 27, 2017

Hueneme Teams to Ship Missionary Supplies

By Karen Robes Meeks

The Port of Hueneme recently teamed up with ENCOUNTER Bible Fellowship Church of Ventura, Del Monte Fresh Produce, ILWU, Ports America, and LAMA to ship two containers full of donated goods to the La Montana Christian Camps in Costa Rica.

“At a time when disasters are hitting many parts of our world, we are proud that when we are called upon to support a humanitarian effort, the Port of Hueneme family of Commissioners, staff, stevedore companies, and longshoremen have all donated their time and labor to a mission supporting children in Costa Rica,” said Secretary of the Board of Harbor Commissioners Jess Herrera. “The Port of Hueneme is not only a bright spot in our economy, but a bright spot in humanitarian effort as well.”

Fernando Basua, a retired Longshoreman and a member of the ENCOUNTER Bible Fellowship Church Men’s Group, said he is happy everyone could come together to help.

“The containers will carry the refrigerators, bikes, loaders, and gators down there,” he said. “We approached Chuck (Caulkins, Del Monte terminal manager) for space on one of the ships and he was able to give us space for both of the containers. Then, we got Ports America to donate the loading for free, and ILWU 46 to use four of their labors for free as well. Everyone has really pitched in to make this all happen.”

The donated containers departed from the port Oct. 4 on the Star Pride V.38 and arrived in mid-October to Costa Rica.