Thursday, August 17, 2017

Oakland Cold Ironing

By Karen Robes Meeks

In an effort to lower ship-generated pollution, the Port of Oakland is moving forward with a new $230,000 high-voltage cable system that will allow more ships to link to shore power.

Oakland International Container Terminal will use the 200-foot “cable-on-reel system,” which will allow ships that can’t reach the landside electrical vaults at berth to plug in, according to the port.

Some 400 ships have the capability to use shore power, but many are unable to reach the electrical vaults to make the connection.

The mobile system attempts to close the gap. Attached to a trailer, the system’s 10-foot-tall reel can move alongside vessels to link them to one of the marine terminal’s 18 electrical vaults.

Two successful trials have already been completed of the system, which could be implemented full-time by the fall.

“We’re continually working to reduce emissions,” said Chris Chan, the Port’s Director of Engineering. “This is a way to build on our success and extend our reach.”

The system will hasten a program that since 2009 has aided in lowering emissions by 76 percent, according to the port.