Friday, March 17, 2017

SAFE Boats Wins Contract to Co-Produce Columbian Military Vessels

By Mark Edward Nero

Bremerton, Washington-based SAFE Boats International said March 15 that it has broadened a previously signed contract with Columbian government shipyard COTECMAR into a multi-year, definitive association agreement.

The agreement encompasses a wide range of collaboration, including program management, training, factory production training and sub-assembly and integration by COTECMAR in Colombia.

The contract includes co-production of SAFE Boats models already in use in Central and South America, such as the Defender, Apostle and Full Cabin Jet Boats, along with its most recently introduced Multi-Mission Interceptor vessel.

“The decision to further enhance our relationship with COTECMAR is evidence of our commitment to the Colombian Navy and providing the brave men and women who serve in Colombia with the best products and services to allow them to effectively accomplish their challenging missions,” SAFE Boats CEO Dennis Morris said in a prepared statement. “We are honored to be a partner with COTECMAR and Colombia, and to support our mutual customers in Central and South America.”

COTECMAR, created by the Colombian government in 2000, has experience delivering large ships and marine services to both Colombian and International users, and is a manufacturer of large Offshore Patrol Vessels, Coastal Patrol Vessels, Defense craft, BAL-C Logistics and Humanitarian Craft along with many other commercial and riverine vessels produced for the Colombian Navy, Marines and Coast Guard along with training and other services.

“We are confident that this relationship with SAFE Boats allows us to continue to provide lasting and successful naval solutions,” COTECMAR CEO Vice Admiral Jorge CarreƱo said in a statement.