Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Harley Marine Announces Names of Under-Construction Tug-and-Barge Units

By Mark Edward Nero

On Jan. 20, Seattle-based Harley Marine Services announced the naming of its two new articulated tug and barge (ATB) units now under construction at Gunderson Marine and Conrad Shipyard.

The vessels include two 80,000-barrel barges being built at Gunderson Marine in Portland, Ore. and two 116-foot tugs under construction at Louisiana-based Conrad Shipyard.

On the first unit, the tug will be named ONECURE and the barge ONEDREAM. The names are said to have a very personal meaning to company Chairman and CEO Harley Franco, as he honors his lifelong friends, Larry and Sherry Benaroya, of the Benaroya Research Foundation, for the work they’ve done fighting diabetes in the Pacific Northwest.

Harley Marine Services has been a longtime supporter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in its effort to fight Type 1 Diabetes, and the name ONEDREAM is derived from Seattle’s Dream Gala fundraiser. ONEDREAM will be propelled by ONECURE, which aspires for a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.

The second ATB unit is being named with a nod to Harley Marine Services corporate culture. The tugboat is being named TODD E PROPHET after Harley Marine Services’ Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, and the barge is being named ALL ABOARD FOR A CURE.

Todd Prophet, who has been a company leader for 19 years, has battled lung cancer. The companion barge ALL ABOARD FOR A CURE, speaks to Harley Marine’s mission to give back to the community, the company has said, whether fighting to end cancer, cystic fibrosis or diabetes.

The tugs are 116 feet long with a beam of 36 feet. Each is equipped with two GE Tier 4 propulsion engines, for a total of about 4,560 horsepower, and two John Deere, Tier 3 generators. The engines reduce NOx and particulate matter and are each equipped with a Markey tow winch and bow and stern fendering.

The barges are 430 feet long with a beam of 76 feet with a carrying capacity of 80,000 barrels. Their state-of-the-art Nitrogen Gas Generators inject Nitrogen into all cargo compartments maintaining an inert or “oxygen deficient” environment which exponentially increases the safety of the barge.

The ATBs will be coupled utilizing Articouple pins to connect the tugs to the barges. These connections create one unit which functions like a tanker ensuring more stability under tow.

“The vessels will exceed all regulatory, internal, and customers’ expectations,” Harley Marine said in a statement.