Tuesday, May 3, 2016

NWSA Joins Environmental Program

By Mark Edward Nero

The Northwest Seaport Alliance, a marine cargo operating partnership between the Port of Seattle and Port of Tacoma, has signed on to participate in Green Marine, North America’s largest voluntary environmental certification program for the maritime industry.

Green Marine encourages its participants – ship owners, ports and terminals – to reduce their environmental footprint related to air quality, greenhouse gases, spill prevention, stormwater treatment, noise and other community impacts and environmental leadership.

More than 50 environmental groups and government departments/agencies support and help shape the Green Marine environmental program, along with representatives from academia and the marine industry.

“Before forming The Northwest Seaport Alliance, the ports of Seattle and Tacoma worked closely together on environmental initiatives,” Jason Jordan, the director of the Alliance’s environmental and planning team, said. “Becoming a member of Green Marine enhances our ability to exchange information about environmental programs and successes with an even larger marine community.”

Green Marine, according to it’s executive director, David Bolduc, aims to continuously improve the environmental performance of its participants, and having the Northwest Seaport Alliance join sets the bar higher.

“We are also delighted to see how the Pacific Northwest marine industry is responding positively to the Green Marine certification, especially since our US office is located in Seattle,” Bolduc said.