Friday, February 12, 2016

Vancouver USA Evaluating Potential HQ Site

By Mark Edward Nero

The Port of Vancouver USA said Feb. 9 that it is analyzing its Terminal 1 waterfront redevelopment as the potential site for its new headquarters.

During its Feb. 9 meeting, the port’s Board of Commissioners unanimously directed staff to begin evaluating a potential move to Terminal 1. Staff is expected to evaluate the waterfront site along with other options, including Centennial Industrial Park and port-owned property along Northwest Lower River Road, adjacent to Cadet Heating.

An upgrade is needed because port’s staff has doubled in size as business has grown and expanded. It has outgrown its current headquarters, which consists of four separate buildings. The main building, located at 3103 Northwest Lower River Road, has been added onto several times and has limited space and remodeling options.

The port said it hopes to build a modern facility that consolidates staff, facilitates better communication and teamwork, and improves connectivity with the community.

The port plans to be an anchor for a new 85,000 square-foot office building, occupying about 25,000 square feet on one or two floors.

“We want to be the tenant that anchors the first office building at Terminal 1, enabling other companies to locate there and attracting more employers and talent to Vancouver,” port CEO Todd Coleman said.

In accordance with board direction, staff is to report back to the commission and work with a developer to complete its waterfront design for submittal to the City of Vancouver. Approval from the city is required before the port can begin construction on the hotel and multiuse building.

Staff said it expects to complete its analysis and report back to the Board of Commissioners this fall.