Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Seattle Fisheries Combining Management

By Mark Edward Nero

Two Seattle-based companies, Prowler Fisheries and Blue North Fisheries, have reached a combined management agreement that they say is expected to streamline efficiencies and help optimize day-to-day operations for both businesses.

Under the agreement, Blue North Fisheries will manage Prowler Fisheries’ five hook-and-line catcher processors currently operating in the Bering Sea, Aleutian Islands and Gulf of Alaska. In addition, a Blue North subsidiary will market and sell all of the frozen-at-sea products produced by the Prowler vessels starting B Season 2016.

“Our agreement will enhance both companies’ strength and market agility,” said Larry Cotter, Prowler Fisheries managing partner. “We believe the benefits will be far-reaching: vessel crews will see a continued focus on quality and efficiency, an increased presence in Dutch Harbor Alaska and great support from the Seattle Blue North team.”

Further, Cotter said, agreement allows efficiencies to be shared by Blue North and Prowler in everything from insurance, fuel and groceries to repairs, compliance and documentation.

Also part of the agreement, Prowler Fisheries will close the Seattle office of Alaska Longline Co., the operation that currently manages its Prowler vessels. Many of the current Alaska Longline employees are expected to be retained by Blue North.

Cotter will remain the managing partner of Prowler Fisheries.

“This relationship represents a big step in operational innovation in our industry,” said Blue North President and CEO Kenny Down. “This agreement allows for the autonomy of each group while combining management under one roof in a strong structure – stronger than could ever be accomplished separately.”