Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Rapp Marine to Equip Chinese Ships

By Mark Edward Nero

Crane and deck machinery specialist Rapp Marine said Dec. 22 that it will supply advanced equipment packages for two new oceanographic research vessels being built for Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey and the Polar Research Institute of China.

The research vessel for the Polar Research Institute of China will be a 122.5-meter (402 foot) icebreaker – the first icebreaker built in China. It will operate the vessel in the Southern Ocean, with a view to supplying China’s Antarctic Zhongshan Station.

The Polar Research Institute is a non-profit organization reporting directly to the State Ocean Administration and is also the only organization in China that has specialized in polar expeditions. Today they operate the Xue Long, a vessel that will work together with the new icebreaker to supply and assist researchers at the Antarctic Zhongshan Station.

The oceanographic research vessel for the Marine Geological Survey is expected to engage in surveillance, research and advisory services. Onboard are laboratories and workstations are used to collect the data that is analyzed by researchers and scientific advisors.

“We have worked long and hard to land these contracts, so this is a joyful occasion,” Rapp Marine Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing Tove Pettersen said. “Most maritime nations are working on plans to build oceangoing research vessels and we are involved in exciting processes for a number of similar projects, apart from which we also see an increasing demand from the fishery sector.”