Friday, November 13, 2015

Crowley Wins PNW, Alaska LNG Distribution

By Mark Edward Nero

Crowley Maritime Corp.’s petroleum distribution group has been granted approval by the US Department of Energy and the Canadian National Energy Board to import Canadian-sourced liquefied natural gas for supply, transportation and distribution throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

The renewable, two-year import and export licenses now allow the company to import up to 2.12 billion cubic feet of LNG via truck in 10,700-gallon ISO tanks or in bulk via ocean-going vessels.

“This approval is an important step in expanding Crowley’s capability to provide LNG for the Pacific Northwest and Alaska markets, building on the company’s existing service offerings in the region,” said Matt Sievert, Crowley’s director of business development for LNG. “It’s exciting for many of our commercial and industrial customers because the availability of LNG has been very limited in the past.”

The transportation from Canadian-based liquefaction facilities to customers is to be managed by Crowley’s logistics experts, coordinating over-the-road transportation and shipping via barge to Alaska. From there, Crowley’s Alaska distribution team plans to deliver LNG directly to customers’ facilities, where it can be re-gasified into pipeline natural gas marine and industrial applications, as well as power generation and mining.

Crowley says it’s now working to secure long-term, 25-year licenses with the Department of Energy and National Energy Board. At the same time, the company says, it’s monitoring the development of Alaska LNG supply projects, which would be a closer source to the Alaska interior markets.

Crowley, which has been serving Alaska for more than 60 years, currently operates 22 fuel terminals in western Alaska and the rail belt.