Tuesday, May 26, 2015

MARAD Funding Vessel Emissions, Energy Projects

By Mark Edward Nero

The US Maritime Administration is making about $2 million in federal funding available to help fund projects that support vessel emissions reductions and alternative energy.

The funding is being made available under two separate requests for applications. One is focused on exhaust gas cleaning demonstration projects on US-flagged vessels that remove pollutants from the stacks of ships and other marine vessels.

Estimated funding for the program is $750,000. Closing date for applications is July 19.

The other request for applications focuses on projects that demonstrate vessel emissions reductions through the use of alternative fuels or energy sources such as LNG or fuel cells, and improvements in vessel energy efficiency through use of conservation technology and practices.

Estimated funding is $1.3 million, with a closing date for applications set for June 11.

The agency said it intends to use the results of the data demonstration projects to support further work related to air emissions reduction and alternative energy research and o assess the public benefit of possible incentives to encourage adoption of emissions reduction and alternative energy in the maritime sector.

Additional information about these requests for applications can be found on the US government grants website: http://www.grants.gov/search-grants.html?agencies%3DDOT|Department%20of%20Transportation