Friday, May 1, 2015

Island Tug & Barge Buys Crowley Vessel

By Mark Edward Nero

Crowley Marine Services has, for the second time, sold a “Point Class” vessel to Island Tug & Barge Co., shipbroker Marcon International said April 29. The sale of the ABS +A1, Towing, +AMS classed, 2,100 BHP shallow draft ocean towing/push tug Pt. Oliktok mirrors the transaction that Marcon brokered between the two parties for sister vessel Pt. Barrow in 2013.

A total of three “Point Class” sister-tugs were built to work in the Arctic, where Crowley needed vessels specifically designed to perform both ocean and coastal tows and push its 200-foot by 60-foot flat deck barges in shallow waters around Prudhoe Bay. The triple deck tugs were built in 1982 by the Dakota Creek Industries shipyard in Anacortes, Wash.

The tug measures 90 feet by 32 feet, with a depth of 11.2 feet and light draft of six feet. Normal operating draft is about 8.5 feet when loaded with about 60,000 gallons fuel, according to shipbroker Marcon International, which handled the transaction.

Also, Pt. Oliktok is powered by two CAT 3512 diesel engines, which provide about 2,110BHP to fixed pitch four-blade stainless steel propellers in Kort nozzles through Twin Disc 6.18:1 gears. Bollard pull is about 23.5 short tons. The tug is fitted with shaft brakes and was previously fitted with steering and flanking rudders, though the flanking rudders were removed by Crowley shortly after construction. Island Tug & Barge says it is considering reinstalling flanking rudders for added maneuverability.

Towing gear consists of a single drum Smatco winch with a capacity of about 1,900 feet' 1.75-inch wire, a hydraulic tow pin assembly aft and two hydraulic barge winches forward just aft of the vertical push knees.