Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Victoria Shipyards Receives Excellence Award

By Mark Edward Nero

The Canadian branch of advanced technology company Lockheed Martin has given its first Supplier Excellence Award to Victoria Shipyards for its work and contribution to the Royal Canadian Navy’s Halifax Class Modernization-Combat Systems Integration project.

HCM-CSI is a modernization program for the mid-life upgrade of radars, major critical sensors, command and control systems, operations room and a suite of simulation and training systems. Victoria Shipyards, which is part of Canadian maritime industry company Seaspan, has managed the disassembly and removal of legacy systems, the retrofit and renovation of space on-board, and the installation of new systems and sensors for the five West Coast-based Halifax Class frigates under contract to LM Canada MST.

Work completed on Canada’s frigates is also providing opportunities to expand the program internationally. Lockheed Martin Canada signed a $180-million contract in May 2014 to supply the combat equipment to modernize New Zealand’s Te Kaha and Te Mana Anzac-class frigates. The first NZ frigate slated for modernization is expected to arrive at Seaspan’s Victoria Shipyards in mid-2016, contingent on a contract being finalized this year.

“We are grateful to Lockheed Martin Canada for bestowing on us its Supplier Excellence Award for our work on HCM,” Seaspan Shipyards President Brian Carter said. “Our contribution has benefited from a strong working relationship with Lockheed Martin Canada, an unwavering commitment of our Victoria Shipyards tradesmen and management and an effective working relationship at the shipyard with the Royal Canadian Navy.”