Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Shipping 101 Course Planned for Puget Sound

By Mark Edward Nero

The Marine Exchange of Puget Sound is partnering with Artemus Transportation Solutions, a web-based trade compliance software industry, to hold the Global Commerce-International Transportation & Trade Shipping 101 Course on March 23-27 in Seattle.

The five-day course covers materials needed to effectively trade and ship in the global marketplace, whether as an importer, exporter, NVOCC, freight forwarder, ocean and/or domestic carrier. The course covers the transportation chain, critical work processes, compliance requirements and different modes of transportation and includes an on-site visit to a marine terminal for a first-hand look at the topics discussed throughout the course.

“This is the third time we will be holding the course with Artemus,” Marine Exchange of Puget Sound Executive Director John Veentjer said. “We believe a course like this is important to the community and the positive feedback from past students influenced our decision in hosting this course again.”

“Having a partnership with the Marine Exchange provides us an opportunity to help educate those in Pacific Northwest region who want to trade or expand their business internationally or just increase their knowledge of the international trade business to provide better service or possibly advance a student’s career objectives,” Artemus President & CEO Steve Pniewski said. “This course provides critical work process information so that students are up-to-date on the For more information, visit http://marexps.com/about/shipping_101 or contact Artemus directly at (866) 744-7101.