Tuesday, February 3, 2015

LB Port Head Unveils ‘Energy Island’ Concept

By Mark Edward Nero

The Port of Long Beach has launched a technology advancement project code named ‘Energy Island’ that the port hopes will move it further toward its goal of becoming a zero emissions port, POLB Chief Executive Jon Slangerup revealed in his first State of the Port address on Jan. 29.

“Energy Island will transform the port into a showcase for advanced technologies that harness the sun, the wind, the sea and it will provide a self-sustaining, reliable energy system for the entire port of the future,” Slangerup said in his remarks, which were delivered in front of a crowd of about 800 at the Long Beach Convention Center.

Slangerup was appointed the port’s chief executive in July 2014 and this was his first time delivering a State of the Port speech, which is traditionally delivered in late January each year by the port’s top executive.

“We have five primary goals for Energy Island: first, we will advance the use of green power, both self-generated and purchased. Second, we will use self-generation to provide energy security and business resiliency,” Slangerup said.

“Third, we will reduce the demand on grid power and in return, feed surplus green power back into the grid,” he continued. “Fourth, we will be able to provide our customers, the terminal operators, with stable energy costs into the future.”

And finally, he said, Energy Island will provide “cost effective advanced fueling opportunities” throughout the port operations.

“Throughout the port, we envision a network of solar panels, fuel cells, clean fuel depots, wind turbines and other advanced technologies,” he revealed.

Slangerup said the port has been meeting with stakeholders in recent weeks to develop the Energy Island concept.

“We are committed to all of you, our customers, our stakeholders, to change the way the Port of Long Beach does business and indeed, the way our entire industry works together,” he told the attendees. “Your Port of Long Beach is well on its way to becoming the port of the future. The future starts now.”