Monday, December 22, 2014

San Diego Port Begins Exec. Director Search

By Mark Edward Nero

The Port of San Diego, which fired its CEO in July, has just launched a global search for a replacement, it announced Dec. 15. Executive recruitment firm Boyden has been retained to recruit and screen prospective qualified candidates, according to the San Diego Port Commission.

“We have begun a national outreach campaign managed by one of America’s top executive recruitment experts,” Commission Chair Bob Nelson said in a prepared statement.

Harbor Police Chief and Vice President of Public Safety John Bolduc has served as Acting Chief Executive Officer since July 25, 2014, the date that former CEO Wayne Darbeau, who had been the Port of San Diego’s CEO for almost four years, was fired following a months-long investigation into allegations that he abused his power by asking for port tenants’ help in securing a job for his son.

Darbeau was placed on paid administrative leave through the end of 2014, after which, he’ll no longer be employed by the port.

As acting CEO, Bolduc leads more than 500 budgeted employees and oversees an annual budget of $145 million. The port, an independent public agency, manages the public trust Tidelands along 34 miles of San Diego Bay. It serves as landlord, principal land use authority and public steward pursuant to the California Public Trust Doctrine. It also regulates and supports maritime industry and commercial real estate development; and provides police, fire, park and environmental services.

The port’s hotels, marinas, restaurants and tourist attractions operate side-by-side with a working waterfront of shipbuilding and repair yards, boatyards, sportfishing landings, cargo and cruise terminals.

The executive search is being conducted on an expedited basis. Interested parties should submit in electronic format a resume with compensation history and a cover letter outlining reasons for their interest in the position, including detail on the aforementioned responsibilities, attributes, and qualifications to

Boyden may also be contacted via its toll-free phone number, 877.2.BOYDEN (226-9336) for additional information. A full description of the position and qualifications is available on the port’s website.