Friday, November 7, 2014

Rapp Marine Unifies Divisions

By Mark Edward Nero

Rapp Marine Group, which engineers, manufactures, and sells winches and cranes for fishing, research and offshore vessels, has unified its subsidiaries under the Rapp Marine name. The new brand promotes the activities of Rapp Hydema, Rapp Hydema US, Rapp Zastava, Rapp Statech, Rapp Ecosse and parent company Rapp Marine.

“This is a strategic move to strengthen all worldwide activities,” the company explained in a news release announcing the move. “With the new branding, Rapp Marine brings together the expertise and know-how from all the different segments, with the combined sales offices and agent network giving global coverage for the company.”

Rapp Marine will continue to be headquartered in Norway, and its recently opened main production facility will stay in Serbia, while service and sales offices will continue to be located in Seattle and Scotland.

In addition, Rapp Hydema Syd, based in Fredrikstad, will continue to provide products for coastal fisheries and fish farmers, while Rapp Statech provides engineering design and support to all companies in the group.

“Our new corporate branding is a reflection of who we are, and what our corporate values are,” Rapp Marine Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing Tove Pettersen explained. “Our main goal is to be the preferred supplier for our customers. The new brand gives the company a strong profile, and the company structure allows us to present a wide range of products for the fishing, research and oil and gas industry.”