Friday, November 14, 2014

Crowley Vessels Receive Environmental Awards

By Mark Edward Nero

Eighty-nine Crowley Maritime Corp.-owned and operated vessels were honored with certificates of environmental achievement for years of safe operations by the Chamber of Shipping of America in Washington DC on Nov. 12.

The certificates were presented during the CSA’s 11th annual environmental awards ceremony. Crowley received an award for each vessel that worked at least two consecutive years without an environmental incident.

The 89 vessels have logged a combined 968 years of service without incident.

Each year, CSA invites all owners and operators of vessels that work on oceans or inland waterways to nominate their vessels for Environmental Achievement awards. About 1,386 vessels from 58 companies, including Crowley, were recognized at this year’s ceremony. The honored vessels accumulated a total of 10,749 years of safe operations.

Forty-seven of Crowley’s vessels have gone without incident for 10 or more consecutive years, including the Saturn, which hasn’t had an incident in 45 years; the Kuparuk River and Kavik River, each with 44 years; and Sag River, 39 years. Crowley has been honored with Environmental Achievement Awards each year since at least 2005.

Accepting the awards on behalf of Crowley were operations integrity manager Andy Legge; captains Steve Sears and Mike Lamb; port engineer Mark Richards; chief engineer Tim Weber; engineer Tara Weber; and port captain Kevin Cameron.

“These awards recognize the rigorous work of our crews, who ensure that our vessels operate safely and in an environmentally responsible manner,” Mike Golonka, Crowley’s vice president of ship management, said.