Friday, October 24, 2014

POLB Appoints New Execs

By Mark Edward Nero

Under a reorganization initiated by Chief Executive Jon Slangerup, the Port of Long Beach has filled four executive posts with staff veterans.

Dr. Noel Hacegaba, who has been serving as the Acting Deputy Executive Director/Chief Operating Officer since June 2013, was named the new Managing Director of Commercial Operations/Chief Commercial Officer. Prior to the 2013 acting appointment, Hacegaba was Executive Officer to the Board of Harbor Commissioners, a position he was appointed to in July 2010.

The newly created Commercial Operations Bureau, now overseen by Hacegaba, includes the Business Development, Security Services, and Tenant Services & Operations divisions. Hacegaba is responsible for all commercial matters and serves as the primary liaison to the port’s customers.

Additionally, Sean Gamette, who has been serving as Acting Assistant Managing Director of Engineering/Chief Harbor Engineer since July 2013, has been named the new Senior Director of Program Delivery/Chief Harbor Engineer. Gamette, who joined the port in 2003, was promoted to Deputy Chief Harbor Engineer in the Program Management Division in 2009.

As now organized, his part of the Engineering Bureau includes the Program Management, Construction Management and Project Controls divisions.

Also, Roger Wu has been promoted to the newly created position of Assistant Director of Business Development. Before that, he’d been Manager of Commercial Trade – Ocean Carriers since June 2014. He was hired by the port as a marketing manager in 2007.

Eamonn Killeen, a Senior Port Leasing Officer, has been appointed to the position of Assistant Director of Real Estate, to succeed Gail Wasil, who retired in August. Killeen started with the port in July 2002.

The new appointments help fill a leadership void at the port caused by the exits of more than half a dozen upper managers from mid-2013 to mid-2014, including those in the positions of Deputy Executive Director/Chief Operating Officer, Managing Director of Trade Development & Port Operations, Director of Construction Management, Managing Director of Environmental Affairs, Chief Finance Officer and Director of Information Management.