Friday, September 12, 2014

Port Metro Vancouver Launches New Support Vessels

By Mark Edward Nero

Port Metro Vancouver on Sept. 9 unveiled two new patrol vessels, as well as other operations and security assets, expected to help maintain the safe, secure, efficient and reliable movement of marine traffic and cargo within Port Metro Vancouver’s jurisdiction.

The vessels, built by Campbell River’s Daigle Welding & Marine, are to provide marine surveillance, early incident detection and activity tracking. The new “response class” vessels specialize in fast response, and are equipped for rapid situational assessment. They each have 1,000 horsepower supplied by twin Volvo D9-500 diesel engines with ZF 265 IV transmissions.

Both vessels have an overall length of about 43 feet and weigh about 15 tons.

The latest additions complement Port Metro Vancouver’s operations center, which uses a variety of security and situational awareness technologies such as live camera feeds, controlled access gates and GPS tracking on all port-authorized container trucks.

“We are bolstering our presence on land and water,” Peter Xotta, Vice President of Operations and Planning at Port Metro Vancouver, said. “This helps ensure our operations and security teams are equipped with the most appropriate tools.”

Port Metro Vancouver, working with first responders, the local community and port stakeholders, including municipalities, regional emergency response organizations, police forces and federal agencies, maintains situational awareness and has a coordinating role within its jurisdiction of about 400 miles of shoreline. Responsibilities include marine patrols, ship inspections, permitting of operational activities and the development of marine safety rules and procedures.