Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Vigor Delivers 144-Car Ferry

By Mark Edward Nero

Builder/contractor Vigor Fab delivered the Tokitae, the state’s newest ferry, to Washington State Ferry officials in early June.

The $144 million Tokitae is the first of three 144-car ferries currently planned, and is expected to enter service this summer on the Clinton-Mukilteo route. The second vessel, the Samish, is currently under construction at Vigor with delivery planned for early 2015. State lawmakers have provided funding for a third ferry, and construction is expected to begin in late 2014.

“Vigor Fab built a top-notch, first-in-class vessel on budget and on time to serve WSF’s peak summer season,” Vigor Fab Senior Vice President Joe Corvelli said. Vigor Fab is Vigor Industrial’s ship building unit. “The Tokitae is the result of all the skill, hard work and dedication our shipbuilding teams bring to the job. These workers have built a vessel ready to serve the people of Washington for the next 60 years.”

The vessel’s name, Tokitae,  comes from a Coast Salish dialect, and means ‘nice day, pretty colors.’

“We have a longstanding, productive partnership in new vessel construction with Vigor,” Capt. George A. Capacci, interim assistant secretary in charge of WSF, said. “Vigor and their subcontractors have delivered a good product that will serve our customers for decades to come.”
With three new 64-car ferries operating, and the first of three new 144-car ferries joining the fleet, the average age of WSF’s vessels is expected to drop from 38 years to about 31, according to Transportation Secretary Lynn Peterson.

“This new vessel brings us closer to increased service reliability, while meeting the needs of taxpayers and our customers,” Peterson said.