Tuesday, June 17, 2014

TOTE CEO Honored at White House

By Mark Edward Nero

TOTE Inc. President & CEO Anthony Chiarello was among 11 people recently honored at the White House as 2014 transportation industry “Champions of Change.” Chiarello, the only honoree from the maritime industry, was chosen for his role in leading the industry toward natural gas as fuel.

TOTE is building the world’s first natural gas-powered container ships to serve Puerto Rico and is converting its ships in Alaska to natural gas. The company is also among the first in the United States to convert its fleet to liquefied natural gas.

On May 13, Chiarello joined fellow honorees and guests at the White House to accept recognition and share insights during a panel discussion titled: “Opening Doors for Opportunity.”

Chiarello, a fourth-generation member of the shipping and logistics industry, said the experience was both exciting and humbling.

“It is an honor to stand among the 2014 Transportation Champions of Change representing TOTE and Saltchuk,” Chiarello wrote in a post he prepared for the White House Champions of Change blog. “My colleagues and I are proud of our investments into new technology as a reflection of our commitment to the people and customers of Alaska and Puerto Rico. We’re equally pleased to help move the US toward natural gas as a marine transportation fuel while providing the most advanced, safe, reliable service possible.”

TOTE announced plans to convert its fleet to natural gas in 2012. Since then, natural gas suppliers have begun creating distribution networks in major US ports, making gas available to all transportation modes in those markets.