Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Shore Power Commissioned at Port of Hueneme

By Mark Edward Nero

On April 25, the Port of Hueneme utilized the Hamburg Süd cargo vessel M/V Cap Palmerston during a ribbon cutting ceremony to introduce and test the port’s recently installed grid-based shore power system.

The process tested the vessel’s ability to synchronize with and connect to the port’s grid-based system. Hamburg Süd, Chiquita, Ports America, Southern California Edison, project engineers, system developers, contractors, and port technical personnel were all involved to make certain protocols were in place and the inaugural plug-in ran safely and functioned properly.

The port has said the initial test of ‘plugging in’ a vessel is critical to assessing the performance of the new very-high voltage shore power system, and to ensuring all trained personnel including longshore workers and ship operators become comfortable with operating the gear.

The successful test was the second major milestone for the shore power system, following a load bank test in December 2013 that demonstrated the system’s capability to provide a reliable, steady source of shore power for ships at berth.

The ceremony was part of Hueneme’s Earth Week celebration.

“Green is no cliché for the Port of Hueneme. We take action and make environmental sustainability a top priority in our business plan,” Port Commission President Mary Anne Rooney said. “This project represents perhaps the single largest reduction in air emissions by one project in the history of (Ventura) county.”

By connecting to the shore power system, refrigerated vessels calling at the port can run their auxiliary marine engines on shore power instead of diesel fuel and dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Speaking on behalf of Hamburg Süd, senior vice president Mike Wilson said his company was happy and proud for being able to deliver such environmental benefits to the region. “Hamburg Süd has mounted a major effort to minimize our environmental impact, with fuel efficiency and energy saving measures that are achieving significant emission reductions,” he said. “Hueneme’s on-shore power connection facility is a big step forward in this regard and we applaud the initiative.”

Port of Hueneme CEO and Director Kristin Decas said the project is anticipated to reduce particulate matter by 92 percent, nitrogen oxides by 98 percent and greenhouse gases by 55 percent over the next 30 years.