Friday, February 7, 2014

BC Ferries Seeking Schedule Refinement Input

By Mark Edward Nero

Victoria, British Columbia-based BC Ferries is asking for public input regarding refinements of its vessel schedule brought on by the provincial government’s release of a summary report regarding service level reductions.

Needed service adjustments were outlined in the Coastal Ferries Consultation and Engagement summary report in the spring of 2013.

“In an effort to obtain as much meaningful feedback as possible on ferry schedule refinements from the communities affected, BC Ferries has committed to soliciting public opinion regarding sailing schedule options through online and telephone surveys,” the company said in a statement.

The draft options take into consideration previously gathered feedback, and will be designed to demonstrate feasible schedules that meet targeted savings for service reductions, according to BC.

“We want to work with the communities we serve on the sailing schedule refinement options," BC Ferries President and CEO Mike Corrigan said, "to ensure the optimal sailing times are determined while still achieving the net savings outlined by the Province."

BC says that based on online and telephone input on the draft schedules, it will meet with community leaders, including Ferry Advisory Committee members, to discuss the feedback received in order to implement the revised schedules.

Specifics of the online survey are to be announced in mid-February after details are finalized, according to BC, and that the revised schedules are planned to go into effect April 28.