Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Port Metro Vancouver Selects Patrol Vessel Supplier

By Mark Edward Nero

British Columbia-based company Daigle Welding & Marine has won a contract to build two new harbor patrol vessels for Port Metro Vancouver, the Port said Jan. 10. The vessels are currently under construction.

Metro Vancouver said Daigle was selected through an open-bidding process to design and construct the new patrol vessels, which are needed to support growth at the port due to increased trade through the Asia-Pacific Gateway.

The vessels’ purpose, according to the port, is to provide “continuous marine surveillance” with “early incident detection and activity tracking.”

The new vessels, which are already under construction in the Vancouver Island city of Campbell River, will have parts from a number of local suppliers, including North Vancouver’s Jastram Engineering Ltd., and Osborne Propellers. Jastram Engineering Ltd. will provide the complete steering gear and control system, which utilizes Digital Control Amplifier (DCA 100) and Digital Helm unit (DH 36) technology, providing the new vessels with precise power steering control that automatically switches over to manual hydraulic control in the event of a failure.

Osborne Propellers will provide semi-custom designed propellers specifically modified for heavier leading and trailing edges.

“This is an exciting day for Campbell River,” Peter Xotta, Port Metro Vancouver’s Vice President of Planning & Operations, said. “I grew up here and it’s great to see a local company building these vessels for Port Metro Vancouver.”

The new vessels are also expected to be powered by engines with advanced combustion systems, including the capability to run bio-diesel, to minimize particulate and greenhouse gas emissions, according Daigle.

The port says the two patrol vessels are expected to enter service in May of this year.