Friday, November 22, 2013

Man Dies After Falling From Crane on Ship

A sailor working onboard the cargo ship Albert Oldendorff at a Port of Oakland terminal was killed Nov. 18 after he fell several feet from a crane.

Oakland emergency crews were called to the port about 2:30 pm and responded to the ship, which was docked at metals recycling company Schnitzer Steel, where they found the man lying on his back on one of the crane’s platforms, according to Oakland Fire Battalion Chief Coy Justice.

Ship crewmembers were already performing CPR and trying to defibrillate the worker, Justice said, but the man had already died.

Witnesses told fire crews that the man was working in a crane operator’s compartment and collapsed inside. According to the Coast Guard, the man might have fallen out of the compartment and dropped about six feet onto the platform.

The Albert Oldendorff, a 561-foot long, 88-foot wide Portugese-flagged vessel, arrived at the Port of Oakland Nov. 16 carrying scrap metal.

According to the Coast Guard, the man was a Polish sailor and the ship’s chief engineer. His name has not been released because his family has yet to be notified.
Autopsy results are still pending.