Friday, November 1, 2013

Grays Harbor Tenants Tout Expansion Study

A study commissioned by two tenants at the Port of Grays Harbor’s Terminal 1 has determined that proposed crude oil by rail expansions could generate hundreds of jobs and tens of millions of dollars for the region.

Earlier this year, Terminal 1 occupants Imperium Grays Harbor and Westway Terminals hired an independent economist, ECONorthwest, to determine the economic impacts their two proposed liquid bulk expansion projects would have in relation to job creation and expanding the tax base.

Up to 231 statewide construction jobs could be created with a total labor income of $27.9 million, according to the study.

Operations at the two facilities are expected to generate 45 full-time, family wage jobs, while another 103 marine and rail services jobs would be generated by the shipment of cargo and an additional 155 indirect jobs would be supported throughout the county.

“The port recognizes the value of every job created by our tenants and the positive economic spin it has on our community,” port Commissioner Stan Pinnick said. “We welcome private investment of this magnitude, it helps support our libraries, schools, emergency medical services and other public services by expanding our local tax-base.”

Private investment of $106.9 million is the estimated investment in facilities and equipment.

Both Imperium and Westway are in the process of preparing their permits for re-submittal after their initial permits were remanded and SEPA threshold determinations invalidated by the State Shoreline’s Hearing Board in September.

More information on the projects and the Economic Impact Analysis can be found at