Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Port of Seattle Cargo Volumes Drop

Port of Seattle container terminals moved a total of 136,462 TEUs in January 2013, a drop of nearly 15 percent from the more than 160,400 shipped during same month the year before, according to newly released data from the port’s Marine Terminal Information System.

The port saw across the board decreases in all shipping categories, with the most pronounced being a 44 percent drop in empty foreign container imports. The port moved roughly 7,600 such containers last month, compared with about 13,800 in January 2012. Empty foreign container exports were down 15 percent compared with January 2012, falling to about 7,600 TEUs from nearly 9,000 containers the same month the year before.

Overall, Seattle terminals moved about 109,600 TEUs to and from international locations last month, a nearly 20 percent drop from January 2012’s roughly 136,800 units.

As far as full TEUs, the port saw 94,359 during the month, a more than 17 percent decline from the 114,010 moved in January 2012. Of the more than 94,300, about 57,600 were inbound foreign containers and 36,738 were outbound. The numbers represented drops of 14.3 percent and 21.5 percent respectively, from the full inbound and full outbound volumes the port saw during the same month in 2012.