Friday, February 8, 2013

Grays Harbor Port Receives Partnership Award

The Port of Grays Harbor received Minnesota Soybean’s 2012 International Marketing Committee Partner of the Year Award during Minnesota Soybean Growers Association’s annual meeting Jan. 28.

Port Commissioner Jack Thompson and Executive Director Gary Nelson were both on hand for the gathering in Mankato, Minnesota.

“It was an honor to come here to receive this award and be recognized by the farmers who have made all of the growth and success we have all experienced in the soybean export industry over the past few years possible,” Thompson said. “We look forward to the continued partnership.”

Minnesota Soybean, which represents more than 25,000 soybean farmers across Minnesota, selected the Port of Grays Harbor for the award due to the role it has played in helping Ag Processing Inc. (AGP) increase export tonnage of soybean products to international markets over the past eight years.

AGP operates nine soybean processing plants: six in Iowa and one each in Minnesota, Missouri and Nebraska. In 2012, a record setting 1.69 million metric tons of soybean products were exported through the Port of Grays Harbor to international markets, including China, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Australia.

The increase in export activity in soybean products and other dry agriculture cargos has also been accompanied by increased exports in autos, liquid bulks and forest products, according to the port, with increased export activity creating over 100 longshore jobs.

The Port of Grays Harbor operated at a 96 percent export rate in 2012.